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Hi, I'm Chad.
I design things.

Expo 86 is an independent graphic design studio based in Bloomington, IN / Nashville, TN. At the end of the day, I simply want to create worthwhile & timeless designs for you and your audience.


About Me

Designer | Dad | music maker | Word Writer

I've been illustrating since I was about 4 (hand-drawn Ninja Turtles, of course), and professionally designing for about the past 13 years. While my background consists mostly of the music industry and screen printing, every bit of my human career has been underlined by design in some way. I'm the happy/proud/sleepy father of a 5 y/o, plus I have a lovely fiance', and a future stepdaughter. I love Halloween & Christmas, and half of my life is a dizzying flurry of me trying to decide which is my favorite.

About Expo 86


Expo 86 is my personal design studio. I've been technically designing stuff since I was a child, and professionally doing so since about 2006. I had been designing in the background (helping friends or clients with projects, doing my own thing, etc) for years, and finally if you flash forward to 2018, I decided to stop being an idiot, and open my own design studio on the side.

I'm always glad to tackle any project, but I specialize in print & media, including: promo art, apparel design, physical & digital album artwork, and book covers (see the full list of my services/experience over on the Services page). My style is based around keeping it simple, and letting a design breathe. I can get as intricate or loud as you need, but my usual goal is to create something that feels like it's a classic and could be enjoyed even ten or twenty years from now.

I take care and pride in providing my clients with professional work they are entirely happy with. It's always my goal to provide a healthy creative atmosphere where you aren't scared to speak up if you like or don't like something. Honesty is very important when attempting to create anything worthwhile, so I'll also gladly speak up with my ideas or concerns in any given project. At the end of the day, it's just amazing to create something that wasn't there moments before.


Oh, and I wasn't kidding about those Ninja Turtles <3