Why should I work with you?

If you're looking for a professional design, done in a low key atmosphere, I'm your guy. I'm simply here to create things for people who are excited about their project and want it to represent them in the best ways possible.

What is your turnaround Time?

That depends on the specific project demands, and my schedule. I'll always be realistic when setting a project timeline, and am very responsive.

For those looking for a specific answer: I have done some rush projects in literally 2-5 hours after receiving them, some in 24 hours, and some that take weeks. As long as you're upfront about your own goal timeline, I'll be very clear with if/how we can make it work.

If I send you a project Inquiry, when will i hear back?

In 99% of cases, you will hear back from me that same day (I usually respond in the evening hours to new proposals). Overall, you'll have a response from me in 24 hours practically no matter what. (This timeline excludes holidays.)

I've never worked with a designer! What can I expect?

Listen, I'm super professional in my business conduct, but I'm also a self-concious, empathetic human (and I totally get where you're coming from!). So to me, it doesn't matter if you're a Fortune 500 company, or someone who just wants a cool flyer for a show their band's playing a little VFW hall - my goal is to make sure you feel welcome and informed, and overall just plain comfortable working with me on your project.

How much do you charge?

That depends on several variables, including - timeline, turnaround, project length & type. You can request a quote via the Contact page. I can say my pricing is generally lower than typical design studios.

Which mediums/programs do you work in?

I work with a mix of traditional + digital methods to create.

  • Traditional mediums used are: standard & archival paper, pencil, ink, watercolor.
  • Digital programs: Photoshop + Illustrator.

Will I receive hi-res files?

Absolutely! A large chunk of my career in screen-printing is based around the pitfalls of the times when I'll receive artwork that isn't even close to being able to print successfully. So, depending on your project needs, you will receive either a vector file (AI, EPS, PDF), or a 300dpi CMYK print file. (And to get specific, I can also provide web-ready PNG or JPG files.)